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  I am a mum of 2 little girls, Harper is 2 1⁄2 and Bella is just 6 months old next week. Like any mum I have good days and bad days and yesterday was one of those days where you just feel like you’re failing at every turn and like you’re the worst mum in the world. Honestly last night I was feeling pretty defeated after a day filled with tantrums. After both girls were finally asleep (1 of them on the boob but that counts right?) I was sitting on the couch flicking through my phone and I decided to read some of the news stories on the events at Dreamworld this week, as I hadn’t had much of a chance to sit down and watch…

5 Wonderful Tasmanian Markets with Organic Produce.

Organic Produce

Organic foods are, of course, healthier for you than just ordinary foods. Living a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, including feeling more energized and living longer. Some of the popular organic foods found in Tassie are: Leatherwood honey, Atlantic salmon, olive oil, tomatoes, and olive oil, etc. Here are five of the healthiest food markets in Tasmania: Farm Gate, Sorell Fruit Farm, Bream Creek, Lilydale, and Salamanca. Farm Gate Market It’s Hobart’s weekend hotspot where you’ll find an assortment of artisan products, such as different cheeses, bagels, breads, jams, Tassie wines, patisseries, and boutique beer. If you are a plant lover, then you’re in for a treat. The market has native plants, fruit trees, and unusual herbs, organically grown for you to browse. You’ll also find rare free range Berkshire pork, game…

Cleaning with vinegar

When it comes to non-toxic cleaning products, vinegar can be a real savior for parents. You know how it is as a parent: There aren’t many multi-purpose products that have you jumping up for joy, are there?   Vinegar sure is one of them though. Why? It’s one of those natural cleaning products and using it instead of other household items, really does decrease your daily waste.   So what’s the best and easiest way to make chemical free cleaning products? While there are specific remedies we’ll look at in more detail below, the basic mix is this simple:   Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and a ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar.   Okay, so you’ve got your chemical free…

Coconut oil and your baby

Coconut oil and your baby

Looking back on my time as a mother, one of my favourite times has always been baby bath time! But I know how it is as a mother and parent: We worry about everything. Sunburn, overheated kids… You know the drill! And if you’re like me, reading labels on baby products doesn’t exactly put your mind at rest, especially when it comes to baby bath products. But have you ever given serious thought as to how you can use coconut oil? It’s natural, chemical free and is gaining a bit of momentum when it comes to being renowned as a super oil. Using it will not only save you money, but it’ll reward you with peace of mind, as coconut is a natural, wonderful smelling…

Our top baby finds


ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set We’re all about baby love, so we always want to take care of them in the kindest, most gentle ways, with pure and simple goodness.  That’s why these new baby care formulas utilise the most mild, soothing ingredients from nature – parents can trust that they’re truly wholesome and safe for babies’ soft delicate skin.  Plus, all the products are paediatricians, dermatologist- and allergy-tested. And baby approved. ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set includes: Hair & Body Wash, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30, Body Lotion, and Nappy Cream. Check out the range by clicking here. Want to save a further 20-80% this month? Contact Sophie for more info on 0405 411 746 or via email  

Quick and easy natural face scrub

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I know that our roles as mums often see us in the most unglam of situations. I’m not sure about you but I’ve become an expert at avoiding flying spaghetti sauce unintentionally flung my way, practicing my ‘I’m not annoyed’ voice when I hear ‘mummy, can I sleep in your bed?’ and hey, I’m not even going to touch on those nasties I’ve come face-to-face with on diaper changes. As you can imagine, this only makes getting the chance to glam ourselves up all the more better. Hey, every girl needs to feel pretty every now and again. We’ve all heard those horrible stories about women increasingly developing horrible skin allergies and rashes from make-up. Now that ain’t pretty! We all know that mums don’t…

The benefits of maca powder

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Maca – If you’re scratching your head right now without a clue as to what it is, trust me, you’re not alone. When someone first mentioned maca powder to me, I nodded, smiled as though I knew what they were talking about and then I hit my best friend… Google! So, what is maca? It’s a tuber called Peruvian Ginseng. What’s all the fuss about? Well, like anything, if people are talking about it, it’s usually for good reason. Maca powder and hormones are two peas in a pod with maca having gained a reputation for helping to balance hormones and reverse hyperthyroidism. Here’s the key point to take away: It doesn’t contain hormones but nutrients that help to support normal hormone production. Interestingly, before…

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Formaldehyde in baby clothes

Formaldehyde in baby clothes

You may have heard that formaldehyde is dangerous and even that it is best to avoid formaldehyde in the baby clothes and baby products you buy for your little ones. Knowing what it is will make you understand why. Formaldehyde is a colourless, flammable, extremely noxious and toxic chemical that was first discovered in 1859. Due to its versatility, it’s become a common chemical ingredient since its discovery and is used to make different types of plastics, pesticides and industrial disinfectants among other things. Despite some individuals experiencing various short-term effects when exposed to formaldehyde, the reality is that formaldehyde is around us, day-in, day-out. I’m not sure about you but that paints a mental picture for me that I’m not entirely comfortable with. Little…

Natural remedies for sleep

Natural remedies for sleep

Ask any mother about sleep deprivation and she’ll give you ‘the look’. What look? The been there, done that look. Fact is, sleep deprivation for mums isn’t anything new and statistically, the majority of us would admit that we don’t always get enough quality sleep to function to the best of our abilities. Ask any mother and she’ll reel of a list of issues: Struggling to fall asleep, problems staying asleep… Not enough time in the day to get enough sleep. When you look at the reasons why, it’s not all that surprising that a lot of mums (and people in general) do struggle with sleep. After all, sleep is a hormone dependent process and there are a heap of variables that can affect proper…

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