Mums Be Kind to Yourself

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I am a mum of 2 little girls, Harper is 2 1⁄2 and Bella is just 6 months old next week. Like any mum I have good days and bad days and yesterday was one of those days where you just feel like you’re failing at every turn and like you’re the worst mum in the world. Honestly last night I was feeling pretty defeated after a day filled with tantrums.
After both girls were finally asleep (1 of them on the boob but that counts right?) I was sitting on the couch flicking through my phone and I decided to read some of the news stories on the events at Dreamworld this week, as I hadn’t had much of a chance to sit down and watch the news since it happened. The details of how and why it happened are obviously very important and are questions that must be answered and my heart goes out to the families of all the victims, but what struck the biggest cord with me was the thought of the 4 young children who are now going to grow up without their mums, one of them is only 8 months old. Looking down at my baby girl asleep on my chest as I read that Kate Goodchild used to braid her 12 year old daughter’s hair and now she doesn’t know who is going to braid her hair for her literally broke my heart.
I don’t want to focus too much on the details of this particular event because it is not my place but what it made me realise is that to our kids we are absolutely everything, yes we have bad days sometimes and we feel like we’re failing but we’re not. Our kids don’t care if the house is spotless or if sometimes the bedtime routine goes out the window, they just care that we are there to tuck them in at night, kiss it better when it hurts and give them all the love and cuddles they can handle. We’re all doing the best job that we can do and that’s all anyone can ask of us.
Tonight when I go to bed and find my 2 year old waiting there for me because she ‘just wants me’ I’m not going to try and convince her to go to her ‘pink bed’, I’m going to hold her extra close, remember how lucky I am and remind myself what a good job I’m doing. I hope you will all do the same x